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Issue 3-2021

Dear valued and prospective advertisers:

As you are well aware, Martonick Publications, Inc. formerly published several association trade journals including Coal Transporter. During this time, we experienced several frustrated advertisers at the number of trade magazines and the different publications for different associations. Some advertisers paying for their ad into as many as 4 publications and more, the number of association publications was putting a huge stress on suppliers and service providers advertising budgets. Associations seemed to be publishing a magazine for non dues profit, and no one was looking out for the advertisers themselves. When our contract was terminated and we produced our final issue of Coal Transporter, we started to strategize on how to help advertisers reach their target market while saving money.

This lead us to discussing effective marketing and focusing on the advertiser – our most important client!

From these discussions, the birth of a new concept took place. Helping advertisers reach more than one association at a time. Reaching four of the major coal associations, including all of their chapters and subchapters. Getting your product or service in front of associations such as American Coal Council, National Coal Transportation Association, American Coal Ash Association, and the American Society for Mining and Reclamation. At the same time!

All of this for one price. Finally the advertiser is taken care of. No more confusion over which publication you are in or which one you should be in. No more headaches over multiple contracts and deadlines. Cut your costs by tenfold or more. Save thousands. A simple solution. Advertise effectively and return to what you do best.

Here is an example of how this works:

Your advertising in Coal Transporter, Ash at Work, American Coal Council, etc and paying for 3 or 4 ads. Martonick Publications, Inc sends Coal Energy to all of the same audience for one low price. One ad. One invoice. No headaches. No confusion.

Welcome to the future of target marketing.

Sit back, and enjoy being taken care of. Shouldn’t you have been the satisfied customer all along?



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