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Martonick Publications, Inc. is a full service publishing company specializing in image pieces for association networking and marketing. In addition to providing association image pieces, Martonick Publications, Inc. owns and publishes two private sector journals, Coal Energy and Building Florida.       

With 26 years of combined marketing and publishing experience, let Martonick Publications, Inc. build an image piece for your association or organization that your members will not forget. All of this while marketing your association to potential members and creating a forum for exchanging member news and milestones.                                                                    

Membership directories and quarterly or biannual magazines will benefit your association, bringing members closer together, and increasing profits for your chapter.


“ARROW looks wonderful, and I am getting very positive comments from the board. Thank you!”
Dawn Roth, Executive Director, SNA-NC
“Constructor Magazine is a nicely-formatted, industry-specific magazine with quality articles and information. My compliments on publishing an excellent journal.”
Diana Mucha, Project Manager, Turner Construction
“The content of the articles, the variety and importance of the topics covered and the well thought out editorial layout are truly exemplary. AIG and I are proud to support this publication.”
Jeffrey Kocim, AIG Rail Services, Inc.

Latest Publications

Issue 3 - 2021

Coal is an important part of the way our country and the world operate.